Season 1 Episode 2: Samantha Lotus

Season 1 Episode 2: Samantha Lotus

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A conversation with Samantha Lotus, where we dive deep into how to begin the process of human optimization. Samantha runs a successful practice where she focuses on understanding the entirety of a person from their thoughts to their habits, and what aspects of consciousness have created their current reality. She believes that we are the ultimate co-creators of our reality.

This episode includes:

Where to begin in searching for your deeper meaning and purpose.
What role society plays in reducing and increasing health optimization
The use of essential oils for healing

“We should ask not, why is this happening to me (as a victim) - but how is this happening for me, and how is this happening through me.

Samantha believes that we can first begin to optimize our lives by understanding ourselves, our wants, our needs and how we feel about our wants and needs.

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