Season 1 Episode 1: Roland Pankewich

Season 1 Episode 1: Roland Pankewich

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A conversation with Roland Pankewich, where we dive into the tools you can use to optimize your health. Roland is a Holistic Nutritionist, health optimization expert, teacher and CEO of peak performance centres, where he trains and treats professional athletes.

In this episode:

Empowering people to be healthy through new technologies
How you can use subjective measurements to foster healthy change
How to optimize the compromise.

“If your HRV is slowly dropping over time, it means you are moving to a constant state of sympathetic dominance, which is typically a constant state of inflammation, which correlates very well with acidity, and a deficiency in negative charge - all of these things are connected.”

Roland believes that if you could choose one measurement for health it would be HRV (heart rate variability), listen to find out why, and what it all means.

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